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21 Sep 2008


To take gold from the bosom of the earth
is to rob the heart of your land
is to steal the heart of your lover
and bind it to your will
the cost is immeasurable and unbearable
though short-sighted fears make us blind to it

when the bright glimmer disappears
there is no protection from the long cold dark
without gold a heart is dull
with no fire to blaze through the night

to take gold from the heart of the world
to renounce love for greed
will bring a curse upon it…
no owner can enjoy its gleam
care shall consume he who commands it
envy devour those who don’t
no joy shall be had by its possession
only fear and death shall be its reward

nature untamed, love unfettered
are filled with the light of the world
Rhinegold! Shining Gold!
Return to the deep!
Let us bathe in your light once more!

Poem by Arrowyn Craban

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