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Arrowyn Craban~ Arrowyn Craban Lauer ~
Administrator / Editor / Art Director / Contributing Author & Artist

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I was born in Lansing, Michigan in 1972. My parents, being in the military, moved us to Germany, where I lived from age 2-5, upstairs from a ma & pop flower shop. We traveled extensively, visiting ruins all over Europe, and I even had the great pleasure of sitting upon the altar at Stonehenge. I loved it, but we moved back to the States, and I grew up in the Mid West. When I was 20, I moved to the West Coast, where I put out a punk zine called Rise, and I never stopped moving until I birthed my daughter.

In my travels I studied herbal medicine & healing traditions from all over the world, cooking & fermentation, art & mythology, tattooing & handcrafting, primitive skills & folk ways, music, love & nature worship, esoteric arts & magic. I reside in Portland, Oregon, a place I dearly love, with my husband and my daughter Manzanita. I also occasionally play music with Manzanita’s papa, Jason Hovatter, in a minority of one. I currently make art for a living as Little Gold Fox Designs. Before this I was a web weaver and graphic artist for several years, doing freelance as Verdandi Design. I embarked on this path wholeheartedly with the design & layout of the Infernal Proteus musical herbal compilation. I am at home both on the computer & in the woods. I embrace paradoxes in my life & live to seek the mystery. Oh, and I think raspberry mead is about the best thing in this great wide world. ~A~

Markus Wolff~ Markus Wolff ~
Editor / Contributing Artist / Contributing Author
Little Markus early on developed a sensibility for art and history, as well as an obsession with archeology due to numerous visits to the Roman-Germanic Museum in his native Cologne. He drew his first drawing at age 1. When it came to playing Cowboys and Indians, he always chose the Indian cause. Further talents included jumping from the garage building into the sandpit, climbing trees, and playing quietly by himself. His imaginary world of heroic adventures and deeds was soon preferable to the drab everyday surroundings, centered on a sandy playground that included the remains of a WW II bunker. He came to like the little leftover natural spots, like the unruly stand of gnarled, overgrown trees that seemed like such an inviting, infinitely fascinating anomaly in the ordered grid. He loved the river Rhine, just a block from his home, and its wide grass-covered banks that sometimes flooded. Across the river, he had a sweeping view of the city panorama; a view that was lit up every New Year by a plethora of fireworks. Weekends were often spent at a local nudist colony, where swimming and exploring were at the forefront of his activities, while Winters were often spent skiing in the Bavarian Forest; a favorite game was turning the heavily snowed-in trees and rocks into animals by adding an eye with his ski pole. Travel and its possibilities turned into a passion for geography as well, and he memorized countries and their capitals early on, many of which he would later visit. Australia, Austria, and America were to be the three next main stations on his journey. Markus thanks his parents and mentors for helping to shape his present and future self…

Heimlich A. Laguz~ Heimlich A. Laguz ~
Editor / Contributing Author
H. A. Laguz has always been drawn to things mysterious.

Teresa Luedke~ Teresa Luedke ~
Newsletter columnist: Kitchen Medicine & Magic
Contributing Author:
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Issue 2: Kitchen Medicine & Magic: Roots
Issue 4: Kitchen Medicine & Magic: Oats
Issue 5: Kitchen Medicine & Magic: Audhumla Part I
Issue 6: Kitchen Medicine & Magic: Audhumla Part II
I think of myself as a “Hedgewife” drawn to the hedge and it’s many mysteries. I’ve been an amateur naturalist/botanist for more than 30 years. I earn my living, for the last 10, through the practice of healing modalities, such as reflexology, aromatherapy, ayurveda, esthetics, and massage therapy. I also enjoy cooking, handcrafting, and socializing with other Heathens and pagans.

Discovering the many ‘simple’ uses for plants, both wild and domestic, has occupied many pleasurable hours in my life. My husband also shares some of my enthusiasm but my daughter shows none! My hope is to pass on what I have learned to my granddaughter who already loves to smell the flowers and feed the chickens!

I have recently been attempting to create my own hedge garden; by locating and introducing useful wild plants on our 7 acre homestead in an effort to naturalize them. Currently I represent The Troth as the Georgia Steward, volunteer as the Fundraising Director for Savannah Pagan Pride Day 2008, and since 2003 I’ve served my Kindred, Kiefernwald Sippe, as the “Head Woman.”


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