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are disenchanted with the modern age

are seeking to learn about the culture of your ancestors

have an interest in building a sustainable future

want to raise your children with strong values

desire to share your experiences and knowledge

want to connect to a community that shares your interests

…THEN you have found a home in HEX.
Pull a bench up to the fire!

HEX is a publication and an online community radicalising European traditions and giving voice to the modern Heathen household. We are here to explore and celebrate the ancestral traditions and beliefs of Northern Europe.

Hex strives to recall the evident truths of the seasonal cycles, the folk ways & rites of our cultural heritage, earth stewardship, self-sufficiency, and sustainable living.

By making old world knowledge and wisdom available for use in our everyday lives, we aspire to bring continuity to the present and heart to future generations. HAIL!

It’s not enough to survive. We will thrive.


Hex Issue One

Hex Magazine Issue One is Now Available for FREE in PDF Form!

Join our seasonal email zine, full of myth and history, plant lore and recipes! To show our thanks we will give you a free PDF copy of Hex Magazine Issue One! The print edition sold out long ago; we invite you to discover where it all began!

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