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Now Accepting Submissions for the Hex Cookbook Project!

Jenn Campus (aka The Leftover Queen) and Hex’s own Arrowyn Craban Lauer are putting together a cookbook full of seasonal and traditional European recipes.

We want your old family recipes, traditional favorites, or recipes with a modern twist on a traditional theme. We would love recipes that come with folklore, family stories, or historical background about the dishes or their ingredients. Bonus points if you have wisdom to share about traditional nutrition, farming practices, and the like!

Please only submit recipes to which you hold copyright, or which are in the public domain. It is acceptable to submit recipes that are inspired from published ones, but you will need to credit to the original.

Send your submissions to: Deadline: October 31st 2013.

Hex Cookbook Recipe Submission Guidelines

  1. Recipe Name
  2. “Contributed by” name
  3. List EACH ingredient in the order that it is used on its own line using standardized measurements. i.e teaspoon, tablespoon, cup. NO ABBREVIATIONS. Please list ingredients in the order they will be used in the recipe.
  4. Please list in bullet point form the directions for completing the recipe in the order they are performed. Please remember to include oven temperature, time, hints, number it will serve, and other important steps, as necessary.
  5. Include special anecdotes, tips, history, or stories related to this recipe.
  6. Your recipe should be original. If you have altered a published recipe to suite your needs and made it your own, please give credit to your inspiration.
  7. We reserve the right to alter any accepted recipes for clarity and adherence to our editorial style. Recipe submission implies author agreement with this policy.
  8. All recipes must be exclusively submitted for use only in the cookbook. They can be published on your own site/blog/book, but cannot be re-submitted to third-party sites.
  9. All Recipes MUST include photos of the actual finished product. Please submit professional and/or high quality food photos.
  10. All ingredients must be whole foods with no chemical additives. These ingredients include:
    • Meats, seafood, fowl, eggs
    • Quality fats such as coconut oil, butter, and rendered fats
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits and Nuts
    • Natural thickeners like arrowroot and tapioca
    • Dairy – real dairy

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