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Thank you all for your support and beautiful compliments! It fuels us.
~ The Editors


Pagan Book Worm ~ “If it were a person, I’d marry it!” ~ “Five shiny valknuts out of five.”
One Minute Zine Reviews

General Praise

“Thanks for sending the magazine. You all really do such a fine job of production with it. It really is pretty. I am enjoying the articles as well; they are very good, very articulate, and very informative, a welcome sophistication. I am quite taken with Benjamin Bagby’s piece.”

“The three copies of your Tree of Life picture arrived safely today. I can’t thank you enough for these, they are beautiful, one is for me and the others will be perfect gifts at a forthcoming Heathen baby naming ritual at the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire.”
~ IH

“Just got my Winter 2008 copy in the mail….. Wow, what a fantastic piece of work. I am simply blown away by the raw beauty and spirit of it.

Some of the greatest minds/artists in the new Heathen movement contribute to it, and they are looking for more! If interested in contributing in the future, just drop them a line!”
~ HL

“I would also just like to thank you all for this amazing magazine. Our whole hearth-hold enjoys and is inspired by your work.”

“hex magazine. oh my gosh… i just got them on monday but haven’t really been able to spend time in them yet, but what a visual and magical and creative force. they are powerful and i salute your creative vision and endeavor and intention. they are wondrous and i look forward to reading and viewing from cover to cover. you are a magical being with some very strong medicine. bravo.”
~ JN

“Thank you for the copy of the latest HEX, which reached me safely today. I write for a number of magazines but yours is the one I enjoy reading the most.”
~ MB

“We just received Hex issue #5 today. This is simply beautiful. You cannot to my knowledge get a finer magazine this informative and well put together for this price. To boot, the magnificent and atmospheric compilation album that came with this I’d easily pay the price of the magazine for. All the songs are great! I will not miss another issue of HEX. Bravo to the editors and those involved for another excellent issue! HAIL!”
~ RL

“I have not finished it, but I am digging Issue #5 so far. The all b/w (monochrome) design is beautiful, the contributions reveal deep thinking/feeling, and the compilation CD is a wonderful treat. I am proud and pleased to be a subscriber!”
~ B

“It’s really a fantastic magazine, and I’m not even Heathen!”
~ D

“I don’t want to toot my own horn. I want the folk to seriously weigh my recommendation (and that I have “credentials”). I am a professor and have worked as an editor for a number of publishers and publications. I recommend Hex Magazine as the most professionally crafted, edited, and printed Heathen magazine there is in print. I make this recommendation in terms of content, layout, graphics, quality of paper, quality of print, and by overall design, outstanding! I strongly urge supporting and sustaining such a high quality publication. Again, it’s simple, my recommendation, SUBSCRIBE! (the caps are a yelling thumbs up cheer, not a yell).”
~ TM

“I loved the latest issue – the design was enticing & the articles thoughtful. Just wanted to say thanks.”
~ CL

“I got my copies of Hex magazine yesterday and am mightily impressed. It’s gorgeous and chock full of interesting information.”
~ A

“Hello! Congratulations to you and everyone involved in this project. I received my copy of your magazine the other day, and am already looking forward to the next issue. Beautifully done. Cheers!”
~ R

“Hex magazine’s first issue is astounding in terms of quality and presentation. I look forward to reading many more.”
~ F

“Wow you have done an awesome job of bringing heathen folk into the 21st century!
I LOVE the magazine and can feel the heart and soul that went into it. Seeing the mag has me very proud to be a part of it.”
~ TL

“Your magazine is gorgeous and classy; loaded with wit and intrigue. Very cool to have and share with family and with others.”
~ J

“I really love the magazine. It is so well put together. The writing is good, the graphics are wonderful, and it has such a nice, well rounded list of topics. Something for everyone. It’s like having a Heathen ‘Beltaine Papers’ except Hex is considerably more appealing visually. It’s well worth the money. I enjoyed the interviews a lot. And I love to shop and the ads for all the cool jewelry and other wares are giving me some new outlets for one of my favourite things to do!

“I subscribe to other Pagan publications and enjoy them, but I really feel like Hex is in a class by itself. I was very pleased to find such across~the~board high quality in a pagan/heathen publication. I hope Hex is going to have a long and fruitful run. I will be looking forward to each issue!”
~ JB

“What a perfectly lovely, amazing, informative, scholarly, provocative, well~done magazine! Or shall I say ist eine unglaubliche Zeitschrift! I have read and re~read enjoying every single word, graphic, and innuendo! I am so very proud of you and grateful to you and your tribe for bringing this project to birth!”
~ S

“I really love the magazine. Not only is it beautiful, it’s got a unique focus and great material.”
~ J

“Received the spring issue of Hex. Nice!”
~ D

“I did get the mag and I am very impressed with both the content (which is why we buy magazines, right?) and the look. It is beautiful!”
~ JJ

“I really enjoyed reading the birth stories, the article about the runes and the recipes hehe….and must say: the design is awesome. One can spend hours only with looking at the pages.”
~ E

“My roommate acquired a copy of the first issue of HEX, and I am very impressed with the quality of the printing, and of the work within.”
~ T

“Received the Hex Magazine today and loved every page. Had inquiries from gallery customers on how they too can get copies. Can we offer them in our store?”
~ A & B

“Hi, folks, I just received Hex today and am really impressed by the finished appearance, glowing potential, spiritual depth and honesty and quality of the talent. Not to mention the lively interest in scholarship.”
~ EG

“Hail! I look forward to adding Hex to my household’s library.”

“You have some real artistic talent gathered together there. And the overall style and quality of articles is top notch. Congratulations on a job well done, Arrowyn! I think that I’m going to have to subscribe to this magazine…regardless of whether or not you decide to use any of my work! ;)”
~ R

“This magazine looks like it will be amazing! And the site design is beautiful. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to contribute. *grin* ”
~ S

“I LOVE HEX!!! Seriously, this is everything i ever wanted in a zine! HAIL HEX!”

“Such a great magazine – kudos to the art director. Haven’t even finished the first issue and am in love with the content and look. Takes the Asatru revival to the next step as far as I am concerned. Hail Hex!”

“Received my Hex issues – good work! It is a solid publication. I am quite pleased to have successfully seasoned my grandmother’s cast iron pans…”
~ A

“HEX you are amazing! I can think of nothing better to read with my tea!!! Thank you for the wonderful insight, ideas and yes, reminders! Much Love and many Blessings! :D”
~ KM

“I’ve been reading the two first issues of HEX I ordered and I wanted to let you know how great they are…very interesting articles..I’m learning a lot! Thanks to you and the others involved for making such a great magazine!”
~ E

“…telling you how wonderful and inspiring my husband and I find Hex magazine. It has filled a place in my life that I had been looking to fill for many years. I had come to believe that I and my family~clan were the only ones interested such things as hearth and clan magics. …And it is certainly a lovely and solid publication. What a combination! This kind of quality is not often seen in the Heathen/Pagan worlds. Please keep up the good work. May abundance and joy flow through our lives like a wild untamed river.”

“I just received Spring/Summer, DAMN I LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE (and not just because I am in it, heh). It is just beautiful and genuine joy to read (or simply ponder or look at, it is nice on a variety of different levels, visual aesthetics, spiritual nourishment, intellectually informative etc.”
~ E

“How timely, the arrival of such a magazine for our kind! It is beautiful and of exceptional quality, and the breadth of information is certain to satisfy all.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the Spring/Summer issue of HEX (read it from cover to cover and found it inspiring) and look forward to receiving the Fall/Winter issue.

“Well done, Arrowyn, Markus, and all! Regards.”
~ CF & RT

“Got my HEX and love it. That is one meaty magazine! I’m jazzed that you used 5 pictures of my garden. Thanks so much for your interest in what I’m doing, we are helping to educate everyone as to the importance of eating real, local food. I had houseguests this weekend and one spent the whole time poring over “In Defense of Food” and kept reading passages out loud, another went back home with my copy of “Plenty.” Another thanked me when he got on the ferry to leave for opening his eyes to so much about eating. I say hooray for our side. Anyhow, congratulations on a bang~up job and I’m there for you in any way in the future.”
~ AD

“Hi Arrowyn,

“Thank you for your e~mail and you will be pleased to to know that the leather~bound edition of Hex has touched down in Taplow, England. Your comment of a sigh of relief suggests this project was hard work? Anyway, I must thank you very much for making this fantastic edition available and I am completely over~the~moon with it, thank you! Should you decide to put together another leather~bound edition containing issues 5 to 8 then I would most certainly like to put my name against a copy. Keep up the great work.”

~ I

“I really like the black~and~white layout and illustrations of the latest issue of Hex. Simplicity in beauty can be very powerful visually.”
~ ?

“I congratulate you and Arrowyn on producing a stimulating and beautifully produced issue of Hex. I look forward to reading the future issues that you jointly edit and contribute to.”
~ JW

“Greetings from Ireland Arrowyn.
Magazine and Ullr’s Bow Cd got here yesterday. Both Magazine and CD exceeded my Expectations indeed. Showed it around and it was pronounced a fine Production. Looking forward to next Issue.”
~ P

I love the magazine and site, its great to see such love and professionalism going into a modern Heathen publication. Keep up the good work.”
~ J


“I got the new issue yesterday. I read a few articles and flipped through it to see what was new this season – it didn’t occur to me that this one was black and white until after I put it down. It really looks great. The loss of color certainly didn’t result in a loss of quality. I’ve noticed that you use a lot of block prints and woodcuts as vignettes throughout each issue (the bull in this issue is a good example). I think that with the new black and white format these will really seem more ‘at home’. They really add an appropriate antique ambiance to the magazine.

“Again, this issue looks really good!”
~ AH

“We just received the spring ’07 issue of Hex, and let us say, wow! Very impressive! The article “Reclaiming our Birthright” has already sparked a lengthy conversation in our home and has given a bit of confirmation to the manner in which we have intuitively shopped for groceries and ate. Very well done. We both look forward to reading the journal cover to cover!”
~JE & AT

“What an outstanding publication. I am very much looking forward to the autumn issue and will certainly be in line for the forthcoming in Spring 2008.”
~ GB

“Arrowyn, the issues of your long~awaited HEX have arrived … I’m struck speechless. Wait ’til everyone hears the good news! Truly, an exceptional effort in DIY publishing, esp. in “our” sphere. Danke! Dankbar, treu, und wahr.”
~ AE

well done sister!…the zine looks well beautiful, keep spear-heading your dreams!
love * light * luck * life”
- A

“Congratulations! This morning the new issue of Hex arrived. It was a big surprise to see how good it still looks in b&w. Also the artwork of the compilation is really nicely done. Many Greetings from Moers.”
~  WI


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