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28 Jun 2011

Review: Medicine (Marc Broude)

Medicine is a kind of ambient/experimental/jazz monster, a cold and misty dream, a delirious wandering into the frigid canyons and plateaus of frosty Niflheim. Medicine? This is shamanistic medicine, seidhr medicine, medicine of the heart, the spirit, the soul. Ordeal medicine, dancing with death, drawing us into mystery, puncturing the thin skin of self-evident, everyday life. …

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24 Jun 2011

Summer Solstice News 2011


Summer Solstice 2011

~ STILL AVAILABLE ~ Leather Bound Limited Edition of Issues #5–8 + CD!

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23 Jun 2011

Review: Restless in Flight (Forest of the Soul)

Forest of the Soul is the newest project from Nechochwen’s Andrew Della Cagna and Aaron Carey. Given the excellence of Nechochwen’s folk-black metal fusion, I had high hopes for Restless in Flight, which sees Della Cagna’s intimidating multi-instrumentality paired off with Aaron Carey’s talented guitar playing. Excellent though it is, I unfortunately fear that this release does not sit as well with me as Nechochwen’s work. …

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