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11 Dec 2013

Hex Holiday Gift Guide

Julbocken ~ John Bauer

Julbocken ~ John Bauer

This year we thought we’d put together a short guide to some of our favorite Heathenish merchants! Happy Solstice shopping!


Hex Shop:
Only a few Issues #11 and Leatherbounds left!

Little Gold Fox:
Hex editor Arrowyn Craban Lauer’s stunning greeting cards, bookmarks, and designs! Offering a Yule discount until Dec 31 for any order over $20.00. Code is YULE20.

Markus Wolff’s Heathen Art:
Exquisite Heathen Art creations from Hex editor Markus Wolff!

Incendiary Arts:
Purveyor of fine incense, perfume, herbs, and other preparations. Special Yule sale prices currently available!

Elixia Chocolates: Organic Raw Chocolates

Organic Jewellery:
Stunningly beautiful adornments.

Exquisite hand-made Heathen jewellery.

Heathen Handmade:
Directory of Heathen hand-made products on the web.

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