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Common Sense Notice

Hex is meant to be a voice for modern Heathens, and represent their wide and varied viewpoints. Characteristic of a strong-minded people, there will, at times, be differences of opinion. We are all led by our own wills, and have understandings of the world informed by our own life experiences. It then stands to reason, not everything presented by Hex represents the views of the Hex editors and staff at large. Our call is to relay different perspectives with open minds and hearts, and trust those reading this publication / website to decide their own truths. Hex is here to celebrate the aspects we share ~ a love of the old ways.

Healthcare Information Notice

Much power is to be gained by walking the well-worn path of self-reliant healthcare. But with power, comes responsibility. Please use common sense and knowledge of your body to guide you. The information presented in Hex is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. This is your task. Continue to expand your wisdom, trust your intuition, and thrive!


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