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22 Jan 2011

Review: Anitya (The Joy of Nature)

Anitya is the final instalment of The Joy of Nature’s three part alchemical trilogy, The Empty Circle. I will state immediately that it represents a more than fitting crown to the series. Its eerie fusion of folk, ambient, and world music influences creates endless dream states and liminal visions, subtle and absorbing allusions to the lapis, the elusive goal of the alchemical process. …

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21 Jan 2011

Review: Godsaga (Sig:Ar:Tyr)

Sig:Ar:Tyr’s combination of metal, folk, and ambient influences gives it an appeal that draws in the listener regardless of their usual music genre preferences: Godsaga is a solid continuation of a legacy of music which really transcended conventional genre boundaries…highly recommended for anyone who likes inspiring, mythic, and stirring Heathen music. …

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4 Jan 2011

Review: The Secret of Kells

As the movie started, I felt a sense of relief to be watching an animated film that isn’t CGI. Don’t get me wrong, Pixar films are gorgeous. But sometimes the perfect textures and flawless three-dimensional perspective gets almost a little inhuman. The two-dimensional, stylized animation of The Secret of Kells feels refreshingly warm, clearly influenced by the marginalia of the illuminated texts that form the central motif of the film. …

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