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21 Mar 2008

I Am

I Am

I am the rays of the radiant sun,
the willow tree and its shade;
I am the giant mouth of the ocean,
the fossil that never decayed.

I am up and down and around,
endlessly inward and out;
feel and listen! Know I resound
in all – no reason for doubt.

I am the honey as much as the sting
of the bee in busy flight.
I am the wind of the angels’ wings
and the Luciferian light.

I am the love of the womb of life
and the blood on the lion’s breath;
I am the struggle’s eternal cry,
and the freedom that conquers death.

I am the rush of the racing mind,
the howl of the heavy heart.
I am the treasure you need not find;
there is no missing part.

I am the seasons, the planets, the stars,
the self-knowing atoms and quarks.
I am the black hole that breathes from afar,
the whispers that whirl in the dark.

I am flesh and fingers and toes,
expression and thought beyond thought.
I am the opening after the close,
the lesson eternally taught.

I am the flight as well as the fall,
the secret of what is exposed,
and I am the void behind it all
that sees with one eye closed.

Poem by Christina Finlayson

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