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28 Jul 2012

Review: The Stanzas of the Old English Rune Poem (Gary Stanfield)

The Stanzas of the Old English Rune Poem is a monumental achievement. It raises the bar on runic studies among Heathens by a vast margin. I recommend it to anyone who has any interest whatsoever in the pre-Christian traditions of Europe. …

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19 Sep 2011

Autumn Equinox News 2011

Hex Issue 9 Autumn/Winter 2011 is Here!

Support Hex! We are a community-supported not-for-profit publication. You can support us by heading to and ordering magazines, CDs, and prints, and by spreading the word to …

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1 Aug 2011

Loaf Feast News 2011


Feast of Bread 2011

Leather Bound Limited Edition of Issues #5–8 + CD!

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13 Mar 2010

Review: Runes: Theory & Practice (Galina Krasskova)

I have enjoyed what I have read of Galina Krasskova’s writings, so I was quite excited to review this book. Having devoured it, I have come to the conclusion that, although there are some discordant notes that did not sit comfortably with me, it is on the whole a valuable contribution to contemporary runic lore. …

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11 Mar 2010

Review: Runic Amulets & Magic Objects (Mindy MacLeod & Bernard Mees)

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in runes or indeed European cultural history. Macleod and Mees decline to adopt the recent fashion in academic circles for dismissing the idea that the runes had any kind of magical significance, just as they refuse to pretend that different regions were hermetically sealed from one another. They steer a balanced path between emphasising the many mundane applications of the runes and their magical function, and indeed the book focuses on the latter, as may be inferred from the title. …

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