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24 Jun 2013

Summer Solstice News 2013

~ THE TURNING OF THE WHEEL~ Summer Solstice 2013 In this Edition:

Hex Announcements Runic Reflections: Berkano New Novemthree Album: Renewing

~ Hexy Discounts! ~

We’re very pleased to be able to let you know that a number of Hex …

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17 Mar 2012

Review: Achega Solar (Arde Fero)

Achega Solar is a rich and beautiful adventure into archaic folk consciousness, delving into that special realm of speculation and fancy from which all tall stories of wisdom and grace descend. Its a wonderful musical achievement, and a precious listening experience. …

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26 Feb 2012

Review: Die Große Göttin (Falkenstein)

Falkenstein is a one-man neofolk outfit from Germany, a creative vessel for musician Tobias Franke. Its music is dark, muscular, and resonant. The songs evoke myriad images of rural, pre-modern Europe: farmland at the rim of dark forests; black, moist earth; skies pregnant with clouds. This is Romantic music, to be sure, and in the best possible sense: an evocation of nature and humanity interwoven impeccably. …

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29 Nov 2011

Review: Self Titled (Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa

Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa is a neofolk outfit from Finland. Their music is dreamy, earthy, and yet also muscular. It feels carved from hard wood, bristling with a raw and rough texture that feels good against one’s skin. …

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1 Sep 2011

Review: Self-titled (Tervahäät)

Tervahäät is highly recommended for fans of folk music, ambient music, doom metal (although I stress that is is not metal by any stretch), and lovers of nature in its colder incarnations. It is not for those who cannot tolerate darkness and depth – the shallow and easily satisfied should look elsewhere. This album is both dark forest and reflective waters, and invites us to find ourselves in surprising new ways and places. …

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16 Jul 2011

Review: Tuhkankantajat (MAA)

Tuhkankantajat is darkness tempered with ecstasy; raw and sophisticated; deeply interior yet verging on the boundless. These Finnish masters have been quietly forging rich new possibilities for neofolk, and it seems to me only a matter of time for their influence to pervade widely. …

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10 Jul 2011

Review: Silver Moon Slumber (Key)

Hailing from the cold but beautiful climes of Finland, Key are purveyors of dreamy and evocative neofolk. Their new release Silver Moon Slumber is a beautiful album, at once trancelike and atmospheric. Loaded with unique groove, and resonant with inflections from New Wave, this release conjures cold but joyous landscapes in the mind’s ear. …

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