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Hex Magazine Issue 5 + CD

Fall/Winter 2009

Articles include:

  • Old Ways for a New Day ~ Editorial
  • Listening and Sheltering
  • Music, Myth, and Magic
  • The Wand and the Veil
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Personal Narratives: What I Learned from my Grandparents
  • I Don’t Call Him Santa Anymore
  • The (Re)Wilding
  • A Vanic Hearth
  • Tangra
  • Returning to Our Ancestors
  • Cover Art ~ The Fates by Leodrune
  • And then some…

By the Hum of Ullrs Bow CD - Hex MagazineIncluded: A compilation of Winter Songs

(Also available for purchase separately)
Featuring A Minority of One, Allerseelen, Andrew King, At the Head of the Woods, Beastianity, Hamramr, Irij, Ironwood, Ruhr Hunter, Sangre Cavallum, Sieben, Steve von Till, Svarrogh, Waldteufel, Wardruna

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