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Hex Magazine Issue 11

Fall/Winter 2012

Articles include:

  • There and Back Again: An Editor’s Tale
  • Old Ways & News Days Part III: A Multi-Issue Poll of Heathen Thought and Practice
  • Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop
  • Krampuslauf Philadelphia
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Ghostpitality
  • Personal Narratives: What the Runes Taught Me
  • Their Holy Places are Woods and Groves: Environmentalism in Germanic Heathenry
  • The Language of Myth: Veraldar Goð – Sacral Kingship and Yngvi-Freyr
  • The Wild Hunter and the Witch Queen: Woden and Holda in Traditional Witchcraft
  • Layers in the Well: A Saxon History
  • Cover Art ~ Winged Flight by Arrowyn Craban Lauer (also available as a print)
  • And then some…
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