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Hex Leather Bound: Issues 9, 10, & 11

An edition of 13, and signed by the artisan (Jason Hovatter) and editors of Hex.
These are the final three issues of Hex, bound together in an exquisite leather folio.
Chock full of inspiration, history, good food, and myth!
Issues 10 and 11 are sold out and only available in these beautiful editions.

Pre-order your copy for $75 + shipping. Shipping date is October 1.

Issue 9, Fall/Winter 2011, includes:

  • How Hex Magazine Changed My Life ~ Editorial
  • Old Ways & News Days Part I: A Multi-Issue Poll of Heathen Thought and Practice
  • Uuôdenes Rid (Wôden’s Ride)
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Six Questions to Six Heathen Hexologists On Their Six Hexes
  • Personal Narratives: Winter Traditions
  • The Language of Myth: Sky Father, Folk-King, and Warlord
  • The Importance of Sooth in Heathenism
  • The Sacred and the Holy
  • Speckled Snake and Brother Birch: Amanita Muscaria Motifs in Celtic Legends
  • Cover Art ~ Baba Yaga by Ravenari
  • And then some…

Issue 10, Spring/Summer 2012, includes:

  • Notes Toward a Heathen Art ~ Editorial
  • Acre Blessing
  • Old Ways & News Days Part II: A Multi-Issue Poll of Heathen Thought and Practice
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Praise for My Progenitor
  • Henbane: An Herb Both Foul and Fair
  • Interview With Stephen Harrod Buhner
  • Personal Narratives: Marriage
  • Radbod of Frisia
  • The Cauldron of Poesy
  • Beowulf, the Edda, and the Performance of Medieval Epic
  • Cover art ~ Lebensbaum by Markus Wolff
  • And then some…

Issue 11, Fall/Winter 2012, includes:

  • There and Back Again: An Editor’s Tale
  • Old Ways & News Days Part III: A Multi-Issue Poll of Heathen Thought and Practice
  • Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop
  • Krampuslauf Philadelphia
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Ghostpitality
  • Personal Narratives: What the Runes Taught Me
  • Their Holy Places are Woods and Groves: Environmentalism in Germanic Heathenry
  • The Language of Myth: Veraldar Goð – Sacral Kingship and Yngvi-Freyr
  • The Wild Hunter and the Witch Queen: Woden and Holda in Traditional Witchcraft
  • Layers in the Well: A Saxon History
  • Cover Art ~ Winged Flight by Arrowyn Craban Lauer (also available as a print)
  • And then some…
$75.00 (tax incl.)
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