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2 Feb 2008

Imbolc/Charming of the Plow 2008 News

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned
that within me there lay
an invincible summer.”
~ Albert Camus


Seeds embody the hope of harvests to come. Throughout the winter we have rested, like seeds, waiting for Spring to awaken us. This time of patience is necessary for our own introspection, and as the cold kills unwanted molds and bacteria in the soil that may harm future fruits, so do the dark months allow us time to purge unwanted and no longer needed influences from our lives.

Now, all around we can feel a quickening. Nature, and ourselves as a part of it, is beginning to grow restless. At times it felt at though Winter would forever prevail, but as the proverb says, “Waiting and hoping paid off.” We are being made ready, in a metaphysical sense, to sprout. This is the time to begin dissolving the thick husk that protected us while we looked inward. Now, with our new insights, we prepare to open our eyes and hearts, and reach upward toward hope.

“We dance the Ring of Imbolc
We dance the round of Spring
We dance tonight to invoke
The hope that it will bring…”

* * * * * *


Protect our children from the newest onslaught by pharmaceutical companies and the current educational system to medicate every supposed dysfunction and syndrome. Aspects of personality from shyness to boldness, and very common age-appropriate behaviors like tantrums and moodiness, are being weeded out and suppressed by medications proscribed by those we entrust with our health.

Allopathic medicine, although sometimes necessary, is notorious for looking to a ‘quick-fix’ pill, when more real and lasting healing could be made by dietary and lifestyle changes, or even just seeing an illness or developmental stage out.

We as parents, and as a community, need to advocate for our children. In a day when overwhelmed teachers in over-structured classrooms are often pushing for these unnatural methods to control children, we need to keep our heads. We must use our intuition as well as our intellect in deciding what is best for the next generation.

Check out this link to learn more information (as well as see some very disturbing images) about the newest rage in childhood labels: Bipolarity.

Have your own crazy little one(s) at home? This link will take you to a site of Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, writer of Raising Your Spirited Child. This book offers some very practical advice on treating unwelcome behaviors with gentle interventions like providing enough exercise, enough sleep, circumventing, and teaching by example:

* * * * * *


“This energy leads to strength if it
is tenaciously held onto and controlled.
Properly this strength should be used to defend your
‘homeland,’ be that the physical home or
the ‘hall’ of th
e self…
Be constant and vigilant.”

~ Edred Thorsson

Like the aurochs, the extinct, wild bovine who shares its name, this rune is powerful and serves many purposes from healing to protection. This raw force, often considered a masculine form of creative energy, serves to guard that which has already been created and exists in physical form. As with all potent elements, one must harness this might so it may be directed by the will and not left to run rampant. At the same time, and in balance, remember and honor the undomesticated aspects of this potency. It is foolish and destructive to set about taming that which cannot be tamed. ~A. von Rautmann

* * * * * *

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