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21 Mar 2007

Review: Yule (Tor Lundvall)

Tor  Lundvall-yuleTor Lundvall
2006 Strange Fortune

Emotional electronica with a mistletoe arrow, this limited edition CD (only 333 originally available), leads us on a city mouse journey through the winter holiday. From entering the station to catch a homebound train, to being awaken on a snowy morning by bells and the promise of mysterious gifts, to the end of Yule and the beginning of the New Year, we are led by Xmas ghosts.

12:00am is an aural marriage of jingle bell clad reindeer to a faint, dark, trumpeting horn reminiscent of the older St. Nick archetype—Odin—with his wild hunt procession. The Train Home literally moves track beneath you while lights twinkle past the view from the window.

Think: if David Sylvian produced Music for Airports, add a heavy dose of tones and vocals from Alpha’s first album, plus some good old-fashioned superstition. This is the December soundtrack for the sentimental urban Heathen, ready for heavy rotation with Coil’s Winter Solstice.

Available exclusively through Strange Fortune.

~A. von Rautmann

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