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30 Sep 2010

Review: Restless Eyes (Lia Fail)

Lia Fail - Restless EyesLia Fail
Restless Eyes
Independent, 2009

Lia Fail are a dark/neofolk outfit from Italy who have been doing the rounds for a while now. Restless Eyes is a little two song demo/single CD presented in classy packaging. For what it is I quite enjoyed it…but the great brevity of the release makes it hard to really form a concrete opinion of the band.

The music is pretty familiar to fans of the neofolk genre: acoustic guitar, bass, drums, male and female vocals, violin, etc. The songs are well produced and the players are all clearly very confident with their instruments. The band conjures the requisite sense of rolling pathos; basically, these two songs tick all the boxes for “enjoyable, somewhat conventional, neofolk.”

I suppose the purpose of this release is to whet the listener’s appetite for more. If so…then Lia Fail have succeeded. I hope next time I get to hear a little more than just a couple of songs…

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