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21 Mar 2007

Review: Blood of the Black Owl (Blood of the Black Owl)

Blood  of the Black OwlBlood of the Black Owl
Bindrune Recordings, 2006

Consisting of seven tracks, this ambitious metal journey begins by delivering the listener to the heart of the storm immediately upon pressing ‘play.’ A broad range of instrumentation is woven through the heavy rhythm guitar in a unique and entrancing manner. The stark, raw vocals of the opening turn to echoing screams and cavernous growls, surrounded by doom tempo drums and meditative breaks of pure drone.

Some brave transitions are made, not only between the tracks themselves, but also ventured within. The overall sound is a seductive, ritualistic atmosphere. Hints of early, abstract Abruptum as well as nods to some of Fenriz’s more dynamic projects rear their beast-like heads, but here we find a singular vision creating a stage all of it’s own. The very subtle combination of throat singing, wolf howls, flutes, various samples, gongs and bells achieve a majestic, sexy effect. Perfect for an evening of red wine, raging fire and naked flesh on a wolf-skin rug. Blood of the Black Owl is a recording which manages to take you to that very special place. The solo creator of this challenging epic, Chet W. Scott (Ruhr Hunter, Svart Ugle) has presented a number of various experimental, self-released projects through his own Glass Throat Recordings, and this is an excellent introduction to that world.

~Herr Hunterfield

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