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21 Mar 2011

Living the Dream ~ Editorial

Hex Issue 8 Editorial by Arrowyn Craban

Dreams, visions, and portents have been guiding us through untold millennia. The nature and source of these forms of communication is enigmatic – indeed, it allows our conscious linear thoughts to tap into the vast mysteries of our world.

Whether you feel that dreams or visions come from other-worldly or divine origins, or merely our own stew of unconscious thoughts, it is undeniable that many of our greatest achievements as well as small personal breakthroughs have been sparked by these strange communications.

The myths, sagas, and folktales of our ancestors are brimming with accounts of portentous dreams and visions. Such tidings forge the fates of gods and men, and even shape the face of history.

In this issue of Hex we have collected stories of dreams or waking visions that have changed people’s lives, and so I have decided to share part of the story of how this magazine came to be – I had a dream. In late 2005 two friends approached me and asked if I wanted to participate in the creation of a magazine called Hex. It would be about the “Heathen Household.”

While I was intrigued by this idea I wasn’t sure I was interested in making a Heathen publication. My spirituality had always been very eclectic and while I have been a Heathen through the whole of my life, I didn’t always call myself  that…and labeling of any kind chafes my wild nature.

The idea of creating a zine was discussed over several months and then starting on May 1st I had two connected dreams on consecutive days.

The first dream was a long and winding tale about how all people inherit chunks of land from their ancestors and it is up to them to choose what they grow there and how the land is cultivated. It was about ancient May Day customs involving frogs (which, to me, symbolize the ability to leap between states of consciousness) and fertility. The dream also featured nine shining women standing in a field like trees, and an entreaty for me to save them from destruction.

The dream then went on to an apocalyptic scene with a wild broiling sky and clouds full of the angry faces of gods and goddesses. A young god full of wrath used his spear to shoot lightning at people in the city below. His gaze paused on me, and to my infinite relief and gratitude he passed me by…not my personal apocalypse. But still I knew that I had to be careful not to get caught up in others’ chaos.

The dream told me that I had been chosen to be a healer and it didn’t matter if I thought I had any skill in this area…I was a resilient soul. That’s what was needed.

I woke up from that dream feeling caught up in some vast mystery, my wyrd twining around me. The very next night the dream continued but it was very simple. A voice spoke to me and said that all I needed to thrive in this world I could learn from my ancestors. Three things, in particular, would guide my way…love, gratitude, and endurance. The dream also told me that I had a “benefactor” and that if I practiced my creative skills in the world I would always be given the resources I needed to live.

Needless to say I woke up feeling supported and inspired. I was also decided – I would dedicate my life to learning about my ancestors and how they lived, loved, and endured. I hope you enjoy the fruit of my vision.

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